Dr Gautam Ghosh, a prescient and prodigious public speaker, Philanthropist and legal luminary, a figure to reckon with in the field of Political Analysis, Human Rights & Policing .

Dr.Ghosh is often referred to as a brilliant and creative innovator and a formidable leader within the sphere of pioneering think-tanks in Asia. Dr Ghosh worked both as a Professor and a Lawyer since 1995 discharging his onus with expertise and unparalleled efficiency.

Dr. Ghosh is both a senior faculty of Public Administrator and a High Court Advocate. His philanthropic contribution to society is selfless. He is a prolific and passionate writer, and his books are valued as prized insertions to the Research collection section of famous libraries across the World including Shanghai Library of China, National Library of Australia, LSE Library, National Library of Russia, Calgary University Library, Bahria University of Islamabad, Indian Institute of Public Administration New Delhi and the list continues.

As a pedagogue, Dr Ghosh is a highly esteemed educator since 1997 in illustrious Institutions and Universities. With his towering proficiency in the field of education, Human Resource Development, Law, Management & Politics and his opinions are highly revered because of his passion for his subjects and his knowledge of them.

Apart from being an author of global repute, Dr Gautam Ghosh, the son of legends in the educational sector and pioneers on a global scale, Lt. Dr Rameshchandra Ghosh and Lt. Dr Mrs Bela Ghosh - the ex – Chairperson of West Bengal Public Service Commission, is the Chairman of Dr. B G Memorial Trust which has been convened in fond remembrance of his mother Dr Bela Ghosh, The Trust has been benevolently serving the Community through various philanthropic programs. The Trust also runs a School & a College which impart consistently high quality education to thousands of students (from Secondary to Post Graduation level) for over a decade.

Dr Ghosh has always endeavored to enlighten students with innovative techniques. His distinctive modus includes a precise swing between formal and informal methods of teaching. He comprehends humanely the assorted background of students- their aptness and inappropriateness and areas of allurement. Dr Ghosh is always willing to calibrate his genius to meet the exigency of the students.

At the Bureau of Police Research and Development, ,Government of India , his students who are police officers from different Nations, not only remember him as a man with extensive knowledge but also a man with wide perspective.

Dr. Ghosh is a torch bearer of Human Rights, an expert in Rule of Law . His work has included advocating against Police Atrocities and Political Vendetta, in defense of women in distress and women’s rights, and for people of religious minority who have been subjected to unwarranted discrimination. Beyond his criminal defense cases, Dr Ghosh has also held several important advisory roles and has lectured in prestigious legal Institutions, in short he is a multi dimensional public figure, a voracious speaker, a prolific author, social entrepreneur and an innovator, a philanthropist and an asset to the region in every sense of the word.

His book on Police Accountability titled Police Accountability at the Cutting Edge Level has been acclaimed as a welcome addition to the research collection section of the Library of London School of Economics and has been widely acknowledged by the British Library London, Asia Pacific Africa Collection Section. It has been kept also in The National Library of Australia , world famous Shangai library of China, Bahria University of Islambad and also in leading Institutions like Indian Institute of Public Administration ,New Delhi.


Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi.
All India Political Science Association.
Indian Society of Criminology, Chennai.
Institute of Social Sciences, Agra.
Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre, Canada.
Western Society of Criminology, USA.
Munk Centre for International Studies, Canada.
Brennan Centre for Justice, USA.


Juvenile Delinquency - 2006 .
Police Accountability at the Cutting Edge Level – 2007 (New Delhi ).
Re legitimizing Indian Police –Radha Publication , New Delhi , 2010.
Dr Ghosh is currently working on Organised crime and Policing , as well as on Counter Terrorism


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1980 Dr. Gautam Ghosh.