Dr.Bela Ghosh is an authoritative identity in the field of education and administration .She accomplished her M.A. from London School of Economics with excellence. Her professional career sailed from Lady Brabourne College where she was appointed as the , Professor and then the Head of the Department of Political Science. While she was on the verge of becoming the Principal of the College, when she was , honoured with the position as the Member of West Bengal Public Service Commission, and then she continued as the Chairperson of West Bengal Public Service Commission.

As an able the administrator of she headed several Councils & Committees (Advisory Committees; Disciplinary Committees and Examination Committees) etc . Dr. Bela Ghosh was a profound Philanthropist \having magnanimous outlook .She even aided Mother Teresa in diverse domains, for serving the under-priviledged people to educating the commonalityat large.

She helped in the designing different Schools and Charitable organisations in Bengal which are functioning at present with flying colours in various districts of Bengal. Her endowment to the cause of Philanthropy is insurmountable -------- Holy Cross Mission in Bangladesh; Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata; Nirmal Hriday Organisation in Kolkata and UNICEF are a few to name as the list is perennial.

During the tenure of the Naxalite bout which took place in Bengal in 1967, classes in Presidency College came to a halt . It was just for the advancement of the knowledge of the pupils who are now distinguished stalwarts of the society; Dr. R.C Ghosh( husband of Dr Bela Ghosh ) volunteered to conduct classes at his own four-storied building situated opposite to Menoka Cinema Hall near Rabindra Sarovar Lake Stadium in Kolkata. Such a Herculean task was skilfully accomplished as Dr.Bela Ghosh smilingly & relentlessly supported her husband by accepting all the trouble of daily intrusion of student activities in her family life.

This support continued for decades as innumerous scholars, and today’s top notch Political leaders across India used to throng the residence of Dr R C Ghosh for various purposes - starting from their Research activities , Phd work or for writing books , or for moderation of papers of UPSC or for various other purposes.

Dr Bela Ghosh herself led a very unornamented and modest life. She shall always as a mother figure to all those who was fortunate enough to come across her. She was an adherent devotee of Ramkrishna Paramhansha As an individual she envisioned that honesty and integrity are the best assets of a mortal. Even today she is revered, cherished and treasured by all .


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1980 Dr. Gautam Ghosh.